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Do you like food? Then you will love a cruise!

All. The. Food. #cruise #cruiselife #cruiseaddict #ship #travel #vacation

There is so much food - and it is all delicious! We've cruised with Royal Caribbean and Carnival and I would have to say the food on both cruise lines is comparable.

Royal Caribbean has Windjammer Buffet and Carnival has the Marketplace Buffet. Both the Windjammer and the Marketplace offer a wide variety of foods to satisfy all your cravings. During breakfast you'll find cold and hot cereals, donuts, muffins, fruits, eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, French toast, pancakes, and even more. For the lunch hours you will find salads, fruits, burgers, sides, and so much more. And for dinner time, you will again find salads and fruits, along with a wide variety of dinner foods.

Both buffets have variety from day to day and you can find sections for special dietary needs (i.e. gluten free, dairy free, etc).  Both Windjammer and Marketplace open early in the morning and stay open until late into the night. If you go hungry on a cruise ship, it is completely your own fault!

All. The. Food. #cruise #cruiselife #cruiseaddict #ship #travel #vacation

And we didn't even mention the desserts! Windjammer and Marketplace both have a delicious variety of desserts that you will love. Cakes, cookies, pies, it's all there! Plus, ice cream machines that are open all day long!

In both the Windjammer and Marketplace, the dress code is laid back. Want to dress up? Go ahead. Want to grab a burger in your swim trunks? Sure.

In addition to massive buffets open all day long, there are restaurants throughout the cruise ships. We didn't eat any of the restaurants on Royal Caribbean, but we heard great reviews about the food. On Carnival, we did eat Guy's Burger Joint and and Guy's Pig and Anchor. Yes, Guy Fieri's restaurants are on Carnival! There were others as well, we just didn't try those.

Then you have the main dining hall. The main dining is more of an elegant dining experience and there is a dress code. You can dress up nice or go just a little more casual, but no swim attire, flip flops, etc.

In the main dining hall of both cruise lines, food becomes a whole experience! You are treated like royalty as you presented with bread followed by your choice of appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Two appetizers catch your eye? Order both! The cheesecake and carrot cake sound delicious? Order both! Each night the menu offers a few standard dishes and new dishes.

Jeremy and our daughter both tried some pretty unique dishes like frog legs and duck, while I (Jenifer) stuck with more "normal" dishes like baked chicken or chicken parmesan. Whether you are more adventurous or prefer to stick to what you know you love, you will come away from the main dining all satisfied.

And the best part: it is all included in your cruise! Windjammer buffet, Marketplace buffet, and the main dining halls are all a part of your cruise package. No need to carrying your wallet or worry about the bill. It was taken care of the day you booked your cruise. Some of the extra restaurants on both Royal Caribbean and Carnival are not included and do cost, but the buffets and main dining, and Guy Fieri's restaurants on Carnival, are a part of your cruise so enjoy!

If you love food, you will definitely love a cruise!

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