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When we were preparing for our first cruise, we heard and read some words we were unfamiliar with. The more research we did, and after getting our first cruise under our belt of course, we learned a lot of cruise lingo.

Here is some cruise lingo so you will talk cruise like a pro!

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Ship: Okay, so yes, a cruise ship is technically a boat, but I promise you, you do not want to call it a boat!

Forward: Forward is the front section of the ship.

Bow: The very front of the ship.

Mid-ship: Just as it's name says, is the middle of the ship.

Aft: Aft is the back section of the ship.

Stern: The very back of the ship.

Captain: The person in ultimate command of the ship, he/she is responsible for everyone aboard.

Cruise Director: The cruise director is in charge of all activities and entertainment onboard.

Interior Cabin/Stateroom: This is a cabin on the inside of the ship, there will not be any balcony or window.

Oceanview Cabin: This is a cabin on the outside of the ship, you will have a small window or porthole.

Balcony Cabin: This is another cabin on the outside of the ship, you will have a balcony.

Deck Plan: The Deck Plan is a map of your ship.

Cabin or Stateroom: The room you will stay in is not called a room, it is called a cabin or a stateroom.

Deck: Deck refers to floors. Every floor is actually a deck, not just the outside part of the ship. You don't go to the 4th floor, you go to the 4th deck.

Bridge: This is the navigational part of the ship. This is where you will find the Captain navigating the boat.

Port of Departure: This is the place where you will board your ship.

Cruise Terminal: The Cruise Terminal is at the Port of Departure. This is where you go through the check in process.

Embarkation: This is the first day of your cruise.

Sailaway or Set Sail: This is when your ship actually takes off! While you may board your ship in the morning, it will typically not leave the Port of Departure until early evening.

Muster Drill: Muster is a mandatory safety drill prior to setting sail. This will be your very first stop when you board your ship. It doesn't matter how many times you've sailed, it is still mandatory. The ship cannot set sail until every single passenger has done their muster drill.

Muster Station: Your muster drill will happen at the muster station. This is also the place you will go to in the event of an emergency.

Sea Day: Sea days are days when you are out to sea all day long. There will be no Port of Call stops.

Port of Calls: Port of Call is where your ship will stop for a day. If you choose, you can get off the ship and explore. Many will do excursions at this time.

Excursion: This is an activity you pay for (not included in your cruise package). Some excursions include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, etc.

Tender: Many Port of Calls have a dock where your ship will anchor down and stay for the day. However, in some Port of Calls ships are not able to get close enough to land for various reason. So your ship would anchor out a few miles from the Port of Call and a Tender, smaller shuttle boat, will come and taxi you to the docks.

Atrium or Promenade: This area is grand! It acts as a ship's hub of activity. You'll find shopping, food, music, and more.

Lido Deck: Lido Deck is the main pool area. There will be lounge chairs, pool(s), a hot tub, water games, slides, bars, and often music or movies playing.

Gangway: The Gangway is the walkway where you will board your ship.

Cruise Card or Sea Pass: Gone are the days of actual keys. When your cabin is ready for you, there will be a Cruise Card at your door. This is your cabin key, but it is also how you will purchase drinks, etc.

Lanyard: Since everything is your cruise card or sea pass, you don't have a key nor do you need a wallet. But who wants to keep track of their cruise card in the pocket!? Lanyard are the perfect option. You can wear it around your neck all day and night and when you need to get into your cabin or purchase a drink, it's right there. We love THESE lanyards.

Cabin Steward: Your cabin steward is your attendant. they will clean your room (On Royal Caribbean they cleaned your room twice a day and on Carnival they cleaned it once a day). Your steward will also help you if you need things like ice, extra towels, etc.

Formal or Elegant Night: Typically one night of your cruise will be formal or elegant night. This means everyone dresses up a bit nicer than the rest of the time.  You'll find some wear evening gowns and tuxedos!

Main Dining: Your ship will have a main dining room. There is always a dress code for the MDR in the evening, such as no flip flops, shorts, etc.

Specialty Restaurants: The buffet and MDR are a part of your cruise package, however the specialty restaurants are not and you will be charged to eat there.

Disembarkation: Your cruise has come to an end. Disembarkation is when your cruise has come back to the Port of Departure and your vacation is over.

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